Why Is Your Furnace Clicking?

It’s not unusual for heating systems to make some kind of noise. Radiators produce knocking and hissing sounds, while furnaces make a low rumble, and even a small ductless unit will hum a little. However, if you start noticing clicking noises coming from your furnace, it’s time to pay close attention in order to get to the bottom of the problem. In this article, a heater and air conditioner service company shares the common sources of furnace clicking sounds. 

  • Gas valve: Sometimes a broken, clogged or jammed valve can act up and fail to let out gas. If this happens, the ignitor will click over and over again, like when you try to set off an empty lighter. Irregular clicking sounds from the gas valve may indicate insufficient voltage, which is often caused by a faulty gas meter or thermostat controls. If the gas meter needs replaced, the job should be performed by a qualified technician.

  • Flame sensor: As a safety component, this furnace part detects the presence of a flame and prompts the gas valve to open. It’s likely reacting to an abnormal temperature and shutting off the gas automatically if the clicking sounds continue. Similarly, if it’s faulty or dirty, it won’t send the signal in a timely manner, and the ignitor will click. Make sure to call on a furnace and air conditioner repair technician to resolve this problem.

  • Ignitor flame: It’s possible for the flame itself to run too cold to burn the oil or gas effectively. This is why the ignition could click for several minutes or even incessantly.

  • Electrical components: Furnaces that are powered electrically have heating elements that make up the starter system. You may not need to worry about a gas leak, but hearing clicking sounds from an electric furnace should keep you on your toes, as this normally means you need an HVAC tune-up.

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