Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Efficient This Summer

Your HVAC system works harder during the cooling months as you’re constantly running your air conditioner. It’s important to keep your equipment in good shape so it can keep you comfortable in the hottest of days. The last thing you want in summer is to experience AC failure.

Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Efficient This Summer

Check out these tips to help keep your air conditioner efficient in the summer.

Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Regular air conditioning service remains the best way to prevent equipment from failing during the cooling months. Professionals perform maintenance tasks and inspect your AC for signs of problems during a tune-up. These tasks can help improve the efficiency of your AC as well as prevent breakdowns.

Replace AC Filters Regularly

Dirty filters will limit airflow, causing strain on your AC unit and a long list of problems. Make sure to change your AC filters every one to three months or as recommended by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that regularly replacing filters is significantly cheaper than dealing with repairs or a replacement.

Keep Air Vents Open & Unobstructed

Closing off vents to save energy is a common misconception that can negatively impact the performance of your AC unit. Your AC is designed to handle a certain pressure load for your home, meaning all supply and return vents must be open and unblocked to maintain that load.

Clean Up the Areas Around Your AC

Keeping the areas around your unit clean ensures that your AC has room to breathe. Trim back grass and other plants that might block your AC. Also, the area surrounding your outdoor equipment must be kept clear.  Inside the house, clean the area around the air handler to prevent dirt buildup. As much as possible, don’t store anything near the unit so your technician can easily access it.

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