Smart Thermostats

One of the quickest ways to trim energy expenses is with the installation of a WiFi/Smart Thermostat.  These innovative upgrades make life easier, optimize the comfort of your home, and typically pay for themselves in under two years. While a smart thermostat provides the same function as a traditional control, regulating heating and cooling, technological advancements make all the difference.  Contact the professionals from Modern Air Solutions for consultation in Aurora, Oswego & Plainfield, IL. We’re happy to explain features and benefits, customize our recommendations to suit your lifestyle and HVAC equipment, and handle proper installation.

Modern Air Solutions offers a diverse range of options to ensure the ideal match for your requirements and expectations.  Connecting to your home’s wireless Internet service, the WiFi thermostat allows you to remotely monitor and adjust heating, cooling, and air quality from an app on your smartphone or tablet.  Whether you’re relaxing on the couch, stuck in traffic, or vacationing half a world away, you’re never out of touch. Helpful information, troubleshooting, reminders, and the ability to customize temperature is always at your fingertips.  Trust the experts from Modern Air Solutions to add value to your home and convenience to everyday life, with service throughout Aurora, Oswego & Plainfield, IL.

WiFi/Smart Thermostats

ecobee Smart Thermostat

  • Manage hot or cold spots with room sensors
  • Amazon Alexa Voice is built-in
  • Saves you up to 23% in energy costs
  • Ask it to order tell you the weather, read the news, and more!

Ecobee Thermostat