Important Things to Check Before Turning on Your Furnace

As the days become cooler, you’ll soon find yourself having to turn on the furnace. Before you do, keep in mind that doing so isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. In today’s post, the HVAC contractors at Modern Air Solutions share the things you need to check before turning on your furnace.

Inspect the furnace. If you’ve been keeping up with furnace maintenance and made sure you followed the proper shutdown procedure the last time you used it, then your inspection should be a short one. Make sure that the furnace doesn’t have residue like soot or oil impurities. The blower belt shouldn’t exhibit any cracks or signs of heavy wear, either. If it does, don’t turn it on. Instead, call for repairs.

Change the air filter. Standard air filters should be replaced every three months. Since you’ll be using your furnace more in the coming months, it’s best to start with a clean one. When buying replacement air filters, always make sure you buy the right size. When in doubt, ask your local air conditioning service technician for recommendations.

Clean the vents and registers. Make sure all vents and registers are clean. Debris and built-up dust can impede airflow and put unnecessary strain on your heating system. Also, vents and registers shouldn’t be blocked by furniture. If moving the furniture to another part of the room isn’t possible, give the vents at least a foot of clearance to ensure proper airflow. This also helps minimize the likelihood of your furniture being damaged from the heat.

Have your air ducts cleaned. Part of your HVAC system’s maintenance routine is cleaning the duct work every three to five years. There are many corners where indoor air pollutants such as dust, pollen and mold spores can gather. Turning on a furnace with dirty air ducts could disperse these pollutants around your house.

A professional air duct cleaning service will utilize negative pressure to create a vacuum and knock the pollutants loose using a remotely-controlled agitating device. Sealant will then be applied using either a mechanical applicator or an aerosol-based product. Once you have all of these covered, your furnace should provide reliable heating all-season-long.

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