Furnace Cycling Problems? Here’s What’s Causing Them

Your HVAC system has a usual way of running. Under normal conditions, for example, your furnace won’t be running continuously throughout the whole season. It’s perfectly fine for heating systems to cycle multiple times in a day, and sometimes even twice in an hour, adjusting their levels depending on your thermostat settings.


Furnace Cycling Problems


Understanding how long and how often your furnace should cycle can alert you to potential problems in your heating system. Here our heating and air conditioning technicians at Modern Air Solutions explain furnace cycling and how to identify abnormal processes in your furnace.

Heat loss. Ideally, homes should be perfectly insulated from the outside. Your furnace and air conditioner repair and installation contractors can help you determine any areas that might cause heat to escape your home. Unfortunately, things are never ideal, and even in a tightly-sealed building, there will still be loss of heat. The more heat is lost, the more your furnace will cycle in order to maintain a constant temperature, consuming more power or fuel and increasing your energy bills.

Thermostat calibration. Calibrating your thermostat should be part of your seasonal HVAC maintenance routine. If your thermostat readings are incorrect, this may cause your furnace to work harder to try and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Replace low thermostat batteries and call your technician to calibrate your thermostat regularly to avoid this problem.

Excessive furnace cycling. There are a lot of factors that can cause your furnace to cycle frequently, including how it was installed by your furnace and air conditioning service. Seasonal tune-ups are a huge contributor to overall furnace health. If your local HVAC company offers regular maintenance plans, it may be best to sign up for one so you don’t have to keep up with remembering to schedule service visits.

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