Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are essential to your home’s comfort as well as good indoor air quality. They also help you sleep better and wake up in a positive mood. Your AC can even help prevent your electrical devices, such as computers, microwaves and cell phones, from overheating.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

The more you know about your air conditioner, the better you’ll be able to keep it in good shape. In this post, a trusted cooling and heating service provider answers frequently asked questions about air conditioning.

When Will I Need to Replace My AC?

Well-maintained air conditioners can last for up to 15 years. However, you can expect neglected units to experience problems in seven to 10 years. You can keep up  your AC system and even extend its lifespan by having it routinely maintained by a professional.

How Often Should I Replace AC Filters?

How often you need to replace filters depends on your lifestyle and household. If you have pets or family members with asthma or allergies, you’ll have to get new filters more often. Discolored or clogged filters must be replaced immediately. Air conditioning installation experts recommend changing filters every one to three months.

How Can I Optimize the Performance of My AC?

You can make the most of your air conditioner’s performance by making sure all vents are unobstructed. It would help to have your AC regularly serviced and invest in a programmable thermostat. Also, using ceiling fans will aid in keeping your home cooler.

When Do I Need to Contact a Professional?

Before contacting your technician, check that the furnace and air conditioner filters aren’t clogged. Also, check to see if your AC is set to a temperature that will cause it to cycle. Take note of anything that looks and smells unusual, as well.

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