A Basic Guide to Packaged Rooftop Units

A packaged rooftop unit, also known as a rooftop unit or RTU, is a type of HVAC system that contains all the components needed to provide heating and air conditioning in a single unit. This is roof-mounted equipment that’s typically found on commercial buildings, especially retail and industrial properties. Keep reading to learn more about the RTU system and find out if it’s a good fit for your commercial space.

Packaged Rooftop Units


What Are the Components of an RTU?

An RTU is commonly called a packaged unit because it includes all the components of a traditional unit, yet provides cooling and heating service in one condensed unit. This large metal vessel normally contains:

  • An air conditioning evaporator coil to absorb heat
  • An air conditioning condenser coil to release heat
  • An air conditioning compressor to circulate refrigerant
  • An intake for outdoor air to improve ventilation
  • A fan to blow heated and cooled air through the ducts
  • A heat source

How Does an RTU Differ from Other HVAC Systems?

A packaged rooftop unit provides all the heating and cooling needed for your space to ensure that its comfort and indoor air quality are at optimal levels, eliminating the need for a separate heating and air conditioning installation. The regulated air reaches different areas in the building via the ductwork and registers. In addition, you’ll have return registers to effectively pull air back into the system.

Other types of HVAC systems require separate components to function successfully. For example, the condenser of an air-cooled split system is usually located outside, while the evaporator and fan are placed inside. You’ll also need a separate furnace or boiler for heating. Having all the parts assembled in one unit translates to better performance, less energy consumption and lower utility costs.

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