5 Reasons Why Your Home Has Hot & Cold Spots

When moving around your home as usual, most of the time you’re unlikely to notice anything out of the ordinary. However, there might be times when you notice that there are some spots in your home that are too hot or cold, despite your best efforts to ensure that air is distributed evenly throughout the property. This can be annoying and alarming, so it’s understandable that you would want to rectify the problem immediately. But what exactly is it that’s causing this problem to begin with?

In this article, heating service Modern Air Solutions lists five reasons why your home has hot and cold spots and what you can do to get rid of them.

5 Reasons Why Your Home Has Hot & Cold Spots


Dirty air filters – If you have dirty air filters, you can expect this to be one of the possible reasons as to why your home is suddenly having hot and cold spots, as they can cause airflow issues for your unit. In fact, if your filter is dirty, this can put quite a bit of strain on the equipment and reduce airflow around your home, causing it to take longer for  the temperature to regulate. With that in mind, be sure to change your dirty air filter once every one to three months to maintain proper airflow.

Blocked air vents – To properly determine what’s causing the hot and cold spots around your house, consider checking the air vents to see if they’re blocked. Remember; these are the avenues through which hot or cold air is distributed throughout your home, and blocking them could in turn block the airflow that circulates around your home.

Your HVAC unit is the wrong size – For your HVAC unit to be able to provide adequate heating and cooling for your home, heating repair pros say that the unit will have to be sized properly. This is because if it’s undersized, it will struggle to meet the demands of heating and cooling your home, resulting in uneven temperatures in some places. With that in mind, if your HVAC unit is inadequately sized, consider having it replaced immediately to prevent hot and cold spots around the house.

Air leaks – On the other hand, air leaks are another possible reason why your home has hot and cold spots. To determine if this is indeed the issue you’re facing, consider inspecting your windows and doors to see if there are any gaps or cracks that could be letting air out of your house, creating spots of uneven heating and cooling in the process. If there are any, have your windows and doors replaced as soon as possible to stop the air leaks.

Solar heat gain – Alternatively, the hot spots around your home could be caused by any direct sunlight that it receives, making the room feel warm while the rest of the house stays cool. Thankfully, the solution to this is fairly easy;  consider putting shades or blinds up on your windows, install an awning or tint your windows to reduce the solar heat gain of the room.

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