3 Ways to Prevent Heat Loss This Winter

As the colder winter months in Illinois close in, now is a great time to start gearing up and thinking about how to effectively boost the energy efficiency of your living space. A great way to make this happen is to carry out simple tasks that can prevent heat loss. In this article, a reputable heating service company, Modern Air Solutions, shares four tips to help you. 

Seal leaks around windows and doors. Every house has numerous leaks in various odd places. However, if they’re severe and are left untreated for a long period of time, the heat loss can be substantial enough that it will begin to be felt by the residents. Common areas include around the edges of your windows and doors. Check for cracks and gaps and seal them with either caulking, spray foam or weatherstripping.

Check your ductwork for leaks. Another crucial area to inspect for air leaks is the ductwork. Leaks can occur due to tears and holes that have developed over time, and most of them go unnoticed for a long time until your energy bills start to spike. Make sure to call for a cooling and heating repair technician to assess the situation and properly address such issues before they turn into a bigger headache.

Change your HVAC filter. Dirty, clogged air filters are among the leading causes of poor heating in homes. Not only do they force fans to do double the work, they can also significantly reduce the lifespan of HVAC systems. Remember to replace your air filter at least every three months to enjoy better-quality indoor air all-year-round.

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