3 Fool-Proof Ways to Solve Noisy Furnace Issues

With winter now in full swing, you want to ensure that your furnace is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible in order to keep your home comfortable. After all, you don’t want your furnace to break down or run into issues during this time. To prevent this, you’ll need to schedule routine maintenance checks to ensure that there are no problems. One of the most common issues that homeowners encounter are noises coming from their furnace. In this post, Modern Air Solutions, your trusted heating repair expert, shares three fool-proof ways to get rid of furnace noises.

Noisy Furnace


Conduct inspections immediately. If you can hear scraping noises coming from your furnace, it might have a loose or broken blower wheel. Once this comes loose, it could scrape through the blower housing, which is what makes this sound. It can also damage the blower wheel, creating other noises such as vibrations, scratching, banging or even squealing. It’s also possible that a damaged motor mount has dropped and is rattling on the housing.

After shutting off your furnace, call your local HVAC contractor, Modern Air Solutions, for assistance. Our skilled technicians can assist you in pinpointing the definite cause of the noise, and we’ll recommend the best course of action to take after we determine this. You can then maximize your furnace’s service life by taking a proactive approach.

Always conduct regular cleaning and maintenance. Noises can occur when your heating system is dirty. When debris and dust accumulate in the furnace, it can affect the combustion process inside. In addition to the noise that it creates, the clogging and buildup can damage the heat exchanger. This is why it’s important to have a regular maintenance and repair schedule set up with a trusted HVAC contractor.

Ensure that there are no ductwork leaks. Any gaps present in your duct system will create a loud whistling sound that can be disturbing to homeowners. It can also affect your furnace’s performance due to wasted heat being distributed throughout your home. To fix this, an experienced contractor will clean up your ducts and ensure that they have a tight seal.

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